27 Sep

The rise in popularity of music festivals


Music festivals, a trend that took off and haven’t stopped since. Talked about in every magazine and online article, they have quickly becoming a summer tradition in no time. One of the most well-known and talked about festivals is Coachella, a collection of your favourite music artists, hot weather, and the latest fashion trends all in one location. Located in the heart of the California desert, filled with locals and individuals from all over. Music has brought people together since the beginning of time, it’s a place where we can forget about the bad in the world and celebrate life. Music is something many have in common and can bring all types together, despite their differences. It creates a happy and enjoyable vibe, this joy and happiness is the soul of festivals! A chance to meet and connect with new individuals. People come from all over the world to see these artists perform and to experience these festivals. Social media has definitely played a huge role in the growth of festivals, images were spread across Instagram and the hype slowly started to build especially over the past few years. Before we knew it everyone was talking about Coachella, and Lollapalooza!

Celebrities were making appearances and it became a huge market for the fashion industry. People, like Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber posted their experiences at these events and a buzz started to grow. Brands, like H&M and Nasty Gal came out with clothing lines dedicated for festival season. Designers took advantage of this trend and created this whole world of festival fashion. Suddenly summer has been dedicated to festivals and fashion, everything from fringe and flower crowns. Styles and trends we now associate with festivals and summertime. The idea of seeing all your favourite singers and bands in one place has a large appeal! You get to experience amazing music with your friends, yummy food and an Instagram worthy venue. All things this generation loves in one place!

Not only has America jumped on this bandwagon so has Europe, festivals, like Reading and Leeds in the UK have become well known and have gained a large amount of publicity! Festival season is a chance to see new places and hear new tunes! These festivals are all over the world and there is one for everyone, each one catered to different styles of music and different types of individuals. Everything from country to rock n roll. Everyone has a place in the music world and that’s what makes this such a welcoming and positive community. Whether you like today’s top pop hits or reggae there is a festival out there for you. Find out what festival is for you and head out for a summer trip. Grab your favourite summer outfits and your best friends and head to a music festival. Pack up your favourite summer outfits and get ready to pose for those Instagram pictures! Get ready for a weekend of awesome music and memories you’ll have for a lifetime.

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