15 Sep

What to Wear to a Summer Festival


Festivals are becoming more and more synonymous with fashion and who is wearing what each day. Celebrities use them as a chance to show off the latest trends and young men and women around the world look to these images as a guide to the next fashion trends. No longer do you simply show up and enjoy the music, instead each festival has become a chance for you to walk down the runway in your latest festival outfit.

When you are a celebrity with access to backstage, a trailer, and an endless food and drink supply this is an easy task. For those of us who have to muck through the mud from a campsite each day and are constantly on the hunt for a water bottle it’s much more of a struggle. So how can you be sure that you are fashionable, functional and comfortable? Here are a few of our best tips!

Firstly, and most importantly, wear comfortable shoes. Festivals are usually spread across large areas, you will be walking a lot, you will be standing a lot and you will be dancing a lot. When it’s the middle of summer and the sun is high in the sky it is so tempting to wear the cute new sandals you just bought, however, with the above mentioned, walking, standing and dancing you will want a shoe with a little more support and protection from fellow dancers, spilled drinks and possible mud. A worn in pair of sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty are always the best bet! You can never go wrong with a classic pair of Converse or Vans, you’ll be stylish and comfortable and able to dance all day to your favorite DJs.

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Secondly, leave your designer clothes at home. While you may see Kylie Jenner sporting a new designer outfit every single day just remember that she is in the VIP section and has a golf cart to drive her around. The rest of us will be dancing among the masses with beer being flung if not more. Whether it is hot or cold your clothes will most likely either get rained on or dusty, therefore, it is best to save your cherished pieces for another occasion. Instead chose pieces that are your style, comfortable and didn’t break the bank, that way, should they become beer soaked and torn you won’t be too devastated. H&M and Forever21 are always great options for affordable festival clothes.

Lastly, just be you! If your ideal style is jeans and a T-shirt or a summer dress and flower crown then go for it. Wear what makes you happy and confident. Don’t go over the top and break the bank or go outside your comfort zone just to feel like you lived up to the new festival norm. You will see all kinds of outfits and almost costumes at festivals but at the end of the day we are all there for the music. So be practical, be comfortable, and be you, guarantee you’ll have the time of your life.

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